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About Us

ANA LogoArtz 'N' Action is more than a children's "arts & crafts" course, it's an active study in the fine arts that gives children the opportunity to explore their world & find their inner creativity, in a caring environment that nurtures their self esteem.

Children need to dream and express themselves in order to grow. They need to understand and respect the beauty and diversity of the world around them in order to find themselves. This course will allow children to experience the joy of creating in a structured setting, and will guide them in the art of gratitude, caring & respect for themselves & others!

"I'm enjoying helping children understand that art isn't just a worthy cultural experience, but for many it's also a great therapeutic outlet and tool for creative expression. For me, it's all of these things, but more importantly, art is a connection to the world around us and a reminder of the grace, power and glory of God who created it. These classes are really helping children find themselves. See what other parents are saying" - Christy Archer Janacek, Lead Instructor

Christy teaching student"Over 15 years of experience in art, graphic design, advertising combined with a background as a camp councelor, childcare giver and nanny inspired me to create Artz 'N' Action: Creativity, Culture and Caring for Kidz! Projects will be developed by students individually and sessions will include a related moral value or message that was learned during the art project. Most sessions will conclude with a gallery exhibition celebration!" -

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Artz 'N' Action History & Instructor Bio

Artz 'N' Action (ANA), which was created in 2006 by Christy Archer Janacek, was inspired by her son Evan Michael (now 9 years old).

Christy and her husband Rick moved to Kingwood from Austin in '03 to bring their 6 month old son closer to his family. Although Christy had enjoyed a successful career in advertising, designing logos, websites and providing marketing expertise, she felt very strongly called to stay home and raise her son.  A few months after arriving in Kingwood, Christy began getting calls and requests to do graphic design work again. Eventually, Christy opened her own company and called it Dream On Enterprises (because if you dream it, with God's help, you can achieve it). Dream On Enterprises continues to service new Spiritual, Educational, Technology, Energy and Healthcare clients, as well as Non-Profit Groups & Small Businesses, but another inspiration was on the horizon...

Here is the story of how Artz 'N' Action came to be. One afternoon, while Christy & her son Evan were doing their daily painting, Evan created the basis for what was to become the Artz 'N' Action Sun Logo. It was so special that instantly Christy knew she had to share this special concept. Evan was less than two years old when he began painting gracefully on canvas and creating elaborate works of art. People began to remark that his skills were very advanced for his age, and were curious about the possibility of his being an "artistic prodigy". Evan was very well rounded & equally enjoyed and excelled in activities other than art, so his parents agreed that his "skills" were more likely a product of repeated exposure to artistic materials, freedom to express himself and access to a creative and caring environment. Simply put, ANYONE CAN DO IT! So Artz 'N' Action: Creativity, Culture and Caring for Kidz was born.

Since then the program has taken on many forms, including a daycare pre-school program, individual private lessons, child designed stationary and holiday cards, children's theater. In 2008 Christy had the privilege of teaching her unique classes to home school children. Thanks to God and friends and community partners like Karen of Ladybug (who helped spread the word and shared her space for the first few sessions) and Melissa who gave her that extra push to branch out to the home school community, and Holy Comforter Lutheran Church & Atascocita Community Church for their offers of partnership and workshop opportunities and Lake Houston Park for inspiring the Nature Session & providing information and enthusiasm for teaching children about nature and wildlife. Thanks to Kingwood Language Academy for the "Chinese" room and Allison's Dance Academy for Kingwood Fine Arts Trio! ANA has had so much support from the press and the community. God's blessings abound!

Christy Archer Janacek has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication, Journalism/Advertising from Sam Houston State University with a minor in French Literature. She has over 15 years of experience working with children, as an Art Instructor, Camp Counselor, Sunday School Teacher, Child Care Worker, Cub Scout Volunteer & Nanny.

In addition to being a wife, mother and art instructor, she is a graphic designer, web developer and marketing consultant. She is also an artist in her own right and has been commissioned as an illustrator, painter and muralist. Christy is a member of Holy Comforter Lutheran Church (HCLC) and serves as an arts mentor volunteer for Camp Hope. She is also part of HCLC's women's choir, "Voices of Praise" and is a former member of the Hilde Girls, spiritual women's song circle in Austin, Texas.

Contact us at or call 281-361-7139 if you have any questions.

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